Hotels as characterful as you

Hotels as characterful as you

When it comes to hotels, we know that everyone has their own taste. 

That’s why at SLH, we have hotels that suit every travel style. Whether you’re longing for barefoot beach days in a wave-lapped villa, on the hunt for alpine adventures from a summit-level chalet, or searching for a nature-immersed retreat with sustainability in its soul. We have hotels as characterful as you.


Our handpicked selection 

Based on your unique character

"I love hotels where you can learn the history, the journey. Where they hire the community and are actually sustainable." 

Shivam, Manchester

For the Curious Wanderer

Time to indulge in an authentic retreat, balance your mind and body, and find a space where you can truly unwind...

Hotels as Characterful as Shivam:

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Shaba, Bhutan

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GAÏA Riverlodge

GAÏA Riverlodge, Cayo District, Belize

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LOST LINDENBERG, Bali, Indonesia

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"I love immersing myself in culture. I can't think of anything more splendid than being in a beautiful historical place and getting involved in it all."

Sharon, Essex

For the Culture Lover 

Our small, independently minded hotels are bursting with their own unique experiences and stories to tell...

Hotels as Characterful as Sharon:

Nimb Hotel

Nimb Hotel, Denmark

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Altstadt Vienna

Altstadt Vienna, Austria

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Sowaka Kyoto, Japan

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"You see hotels in the jungle that look out of this world. I've realised having trees and nature around is so important for me."

Kerry, Northumberland


For the Nature Loving Nomad 

From jungle treks to intimate sanctuaries nestled among the tree tops, find your ultimate adventure hideaway...

Hotels as Characterful as Kerry:



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Hotel Rangá

Hotel Rangá, Iceland

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Hotel Three Sixty

Hotel Three Sixty, Costa Rica

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“I love being outdoors. I wake up, have my breakfast and head out for the day. I love hiking, skiing and enjoying the time I have with my family and friends.”

Joonas, Finland

For the Modern Mountaineer

With sublime mountain views at every turn, immerse yourself in your surroundings at these contemporary chalets...

Hotels as Characterful as Joonas:

Arctic Bath

Arctic Bath, Sweden

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Storfjord Hotel, Norway

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Le Coucou Meribel, France

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“I love spaces that allow me to feel connected to the ecosystem I’m in. A place that prioritises sustainability and a circular economy.” 

Beverly, London

For the Considerate Traveller

'Staying small' goes hand in hand with travelling sustainably. People are the heart of our hotels. They champion their local community, and cherish their culture and environments. Discover these pioneering properties proving that luxury is compatible with longevity...

Hotels as Characterful as Beverly:


Susafa, Italy

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Villa Petriolo, Italy

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Naturalis Bio Resort

Naturalis Bio Resort, Italy

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"I love hotels that are modern and intimate. A place I can relax by a pool with a sea view. Where I can enjoy fresh food caught that very morning by someone local."

Kelly, London

For the Lounge Lizard

Hidden bays, pure white sands, swaying palms – there are times when only a beach hotel will do...

Hotels as Characterful as Kelly:


Hidden Hills Villas, Bali, Indonesia

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Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Greece

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Casa Colonial Beach and Spa, Dominican Republic

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Discover the behind-the-scenes 

Back in March, we invited you – valued members of the SLH community – to be in with a chance of starring in our next campaign. We wanted to hear authentic travel stories from real guests - what makes trips stand-out, and why holidays stay special after check-out.